Anonymous asked: Hey! I like utakata too! he is so graceful!

I’m glad there’s someone else that likes Utakata too, since he only appeared in a few episodes.. but he left a deep impression on me. I love his laidback and somewhat lazy attitude, as everyone in the series is so uptight about something one way or another.

And yes he is so graceful! Even his ninjutsu is so full of grace - gently blowing deadly bubbles, hehe! But it was a pity he died early, I wished he could have stayed on longer.

Bak kut teh for supper! Love the pig’s liver soup! (at 发起人肉骨茶餐馆 Founder Bak Kut Teh Cafeteria)

"Gah.. these Naruto fillers are boring."

Got this girl after enhancing two of my Lovely Jessies and I’m really disappointed.. Her skill is revive, and I’m not saying it’s bad - it’s a good skill, but I already have another support type ally and I really don’t need two support types on the same team.

I really want Elvacil the Empress and Isabel the Vampire - both are really good DPS! Sigh, I guess I’ll have to start from scratch trying to get them..

the regions

color meme: utakata + pink asked by anonymous


Poor Hades…


Jack/Elsa You are not alone.~︶⌣︶✿


Usagi to Cafe Mugs by (_bluevanilla)

Those are so cute!!


Sigh, wanted to get a new domain name, but the one I had in mind was taken and a quick whois check found that it was already registered way back in 2010… So much for a “great" idea. >.>

Oh well I guess I’ll be keeping for another year then…

On a brighter note, my exams are fi-na-llllyyyyyyy over! No more stress, no more pulling all-nighters to write cheat sheets and no more anxiety! …Until when it’s time to get my results, but I’ll worry about it when the time comes. :3 

Now that I am finally free, I have so much time on my hands that I don’t actually know what to do. I’ve been so bored to the extent that I’m actually watching Naruto Shippuden and picking up from where I left off years ago - right when Jiraiya died. 

There are only three people whom I like from the series - Hatake Kakashi, Jiraiya and Utakata (Rokubi, the six-tails simply because he’s so sexy and that he exposes his chest with that loose clothing). 

I’ve just finished the Invasion of Pain arc and I’m at the part where Danzo got chosen as the Sixth Hokage. Totally wtf-ish. Are the people from the Council stupid or what? Can’t they tell Danzo is trying to take over Konoha?! It’s just so obvious to me, and I find it pretty ridiculous that everyone else except Shikaku is oblivious to it.

Shit finally hits the fan.

Now I’m craving for some Ebi Fry

Summoner Yuna, your will is stronger than steel; tempered steel that even the mightiest Ronso could not hope to bend. We bow to your will! Now go! The sacred heights of Gagazet welcome you.

The #moon is #red tonight! Looks kinda creepy…
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